Hey, I forgot to mention yesterday that I have the best brother ever. Or possibly the worst. He gave me a $100 gift card to Borders for Christmas. This is good, because I keep compulsively adding books to my list of books to buy. I just hunted down Salon’s year-end article on the best books of 2005, and added 4 books to the list. Then I went back to the list of the best books of 2004 and added 3 more. I was pleased to note that I already own 4 of the books from the whole list, and I have even read one and about a fourth of another. Then, I started looking at random book recommendations on the site, and added another one. Finally, I broke away, since I have 44 books on my list of books that I already own, plus 24 on the list of books to buy! I don’t need to be out hunting more books!

While I was logging in here to copy in the above paragraph (written over my lunch break at work), I added 4 more books to the list, though. There is no hope for me…

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