A lunch update


After basketball practice tonight, my daughter informed me, “I am a vegetarian.” I said, “oh, did you tell your dad that?” She had just returned from a spell at her dad’s house, but we had talked about this before she left. She said that no, she forgot. Hmm. Still, it’s progress.

We went to the store to get some Quorn chicken patties and whole wheat hamburger buns, since the school cafeteria is serving chicken patties tomorrow, and she thought that looked yummy. I want to make this easy for her. We also got broccoli, sugar snap peas, clementines, pears, kiwis, one Silk Alive mango soy yogurt smoothie, some chocolate vanilla swirl soy puddings, Kidz Dream soy and juice drink boxes, Quorn chicken nuggets, and Quorn hot dogs for the boy.

When we got home, we steamed some broccoli and split it into sandwich baggies for us each to take in the morning. Yes, I know that using reusable containers would be better, but I was in the middle of a mountain of dishes, and I just couldn’t take it. My lunch today was all in reusable containers, and we’ll do it again tomorrow night. I also put a hamburger bun in a baggie for her, although we will heat up the fake chicken patty tomorrow morning. She’ll take a clementine and one of the drinks to finish the meal. I am taking leftover Thai red curry veggies over brown rice, the broccoli, a clementine or two, and some salsa, because I have some baked tortilla chips at work.

My lunch today was good, but I keep forgetting how much food you need to eat when the food is low-fat and animal free. I ate an Amy’s brand vegan breakfast burrito at about 8:00, and by 10:30, I was already really hungry. I ate the clementine and the split pea soup, went to a meeting, and ate the applesauce and bean tortilla wrap. I was still hungry, so I ate some of the baked tortillas with the remaining salsa, and a few almonds I had at my desk. In the afternoon I had a small soy yogurt, and went to the coffee shop for a soy caramel vanilla latte. I suspect there is some milk in the caramel, but I am working my way there. I was still pretty hungry by the time I got home. The Thai red curry veggies over brown rice really hit the spot, but I am going to have to go to bed soon before I get so hungry that I eat something I shouldn’t!

I am just drinking my Kleri-tea from the Colonix colon cleanse that I am doing and I am off to bed, but first I have to say that I already feel so much better only a week or two into this project. My skin has cleared up amazingly, my hair is less greasy, my stomach isn’t quite so bulgy, I have more energy and I can concentrate better. I am more patient with my children. I know that sounds like I am saying a vegan diet is some kind of miracle cure, and I think maybe it is. I feel better, so I am less irritable with my kids, which is so great. Not that I was mean to them before, but I wasn’t as patient as I would like to be, and now I am getting closer, and it isn’t that hard. I feel more motivated to exercise, too. I just feel a lot more healthy, and I love it. I need to remember this when I feel the tempation to fall off the wagon so to speak.


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