Grocery shopping


On Sunday, after the rib incident on Saturday, the girl told me that she is still a vegetarian, she just succumbed to temptation at Grandpa’s house. Well, it’s an adjustment, and I want her to want to do it, so I am certainly not going to criticise her efforts. We are back to making lunches and eating almost vegan food this week. She even told her dad and stepmom while at their house last night, so I think she is serious.

I made my menu on Sunday, but my children were running around like little wild children, so I decided I couldn’t face the crowded grocery store, and shopping would have to wait for Monday night. This resulted in me eating out for both breakfast and lunch at work on Monday, but I think it was worth it. I hate feeling stressed out at the grocery store.

I went shopping at Trader Joe’s, which is such a great store. My cart was mostly filled with produce, which makes me feel so healthy. But, although I love Trader Joe’s for all the healthy choices they have, even including healthy convenience food, they don’t have everything I need when I am making recipes. So, tonight while the girl was at basketball practice, I went to another store to finish off my list. I couldn’t find a bag of shredded cabbage at either store, though. What’s up with that? I must have just overlooked it at the big store–I can’t believe people have developed a sudden passion for shredding cabbage at home. I am going to find out just how much of a pain it can be this week, because I finally just grabbed a small head of cabbage. I don’t have a food processor or a big grater, so I will be doing this with a knife. How bad can it be?

Tonight for dinner we had the Sloppy Lentils from the crockpot. They were really good! I am so glad I got the vegetarian slow cooker book–it is so nice to come home to a main dish that is ready to go. I just threw the fingerling potatoes and veggies in the microwave, helped the kids clear off the table and we all sat down to a good, healthy dinner in about 15 minutes after we got home. I even had enough leftover to put some in the freezer and take lunch tomorrow. I will also bring leftver potatoes and veggies, and grapes and an apple. Sabrina will take some leftover veggies, grapes, an individual chocolate soy milk, and either mini-bagels with tofutti cream cheese or chickenless nuggets. Woohoo!

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  1. Susan..I had to sort of snicker at Sabrina being tempted at Grandma’s..I am so proud of you and Sabrina for choosing such a healthy way of eating and to make it even more special, this is a combined effort and learning process that you are doing, together..

  2. Susan,Glad to hear the Sloppy Lentils were a success. I’ll definitley be adding those to my menu plans.Shredding cabbage is easy-peasy. I’m always amazed so many people pay extra to buy the pre-shredded bags!

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