Comfort Food


I feel kind of yucky today. I have had a cough for a couple of weeks now, and I could tell that I was fighting off a worse illness. For the most part, though, I felt successful. I made sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I kept working out. I tried to get enough sleep, successfully most nights. I thought I was winning the fight.

When I woke up feeling kind of sore and achy all over today, I put it down to the hard workout I did last night. Unfortunately, I am now thinking it is more than that. I am really, really tired, and not in a “I’ve done a lot today” way. I am still pretty achy, and even though I did work out hard last night, I usually don’t stay this sore all day from a workout. I feel really warm, too, although that may be a consequence of living on the top floor of a building with the forced air, radiator heat, with the thermometer on the first floor.

Despite all this, I did not want to abandon my plan to finally cook dinner tonight. My kitchen has been a mess lately, due to a combination of being legitimately busy, and just not feeling like cleaning it. I have eaten at home some, but just sandwiches and fruit, or microwaving frozen food. Tonight we didn’t have anywhere to go after work and school, so I resolved to clean my kitchen up and cook dinner. But I didn’t feel like cooking at all.

Road’s End Organics came to my rescue. Their Shells and Chreese was perfect for just this situation. It was easy to make from the box and completely dairy-free. I added peas to it and felt like it was semi-nutritious. And mac and cheese is such great comfort food. Not being able to eat macaroni and cheese is one of the big drawbacks of being vegan, I thought. But, now I can! And the kids love it, too, which is a double bonus.

We didn’t sit around the table, but at least we all ate food I cooked at home, and it was at least semi-nutritious.

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  1. I really don’t know how my iron level is, Pam. I think it is okay, because I got over the tiredness, and I do eat a lot of leafy greens, but I am thinking I need to haul out my cast iron skillets and get them seasoned. Cooking in those helps a lot too. I haven’t been doing any supplementing, but I do have some vitamins, maybe I should start taking them again. Thanks for the suggestion!

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