I’ve mentioned this before–I hate to do dishes. I know, who doesn’t? This seriously gets in the way of cooking as often as I would like, though. I either need to clean before I can cook, and lack the energy, or I just don’t want to go to all the trouble of getting a lot of dishes dirty that will just need to be washed later.

That is all going to change, though–I am moving to an apartment with a dishwasher! WOOHOO! My new apartment will also have an extra bedroom so that the girl and the boy don’t have to share anymore (and so that all their stuff will fit in their rooms rather than my living room!), and TWO more closets. Wow. All this for only $100 more than I am paying now. And the best part? It’s in my building, so I don’t need to rent a truck. Of course, I will still need to carry stuff downstairs from my 3rd floor apartment and then upstairs to my new 3rd floor apartment since the only floor with a hallway that goes all the way through is the basement, but hey, no big truck. And, I don’t have to move the stuff out of my storage unit.

If I don’t make it here very often, imagine me packing and going up and down a lot of stairs. Maybe it will even help with some weight loss! I’m taking some stuff to Good Will, too. That will be a few trips just down to the car, which will be nice. Wish me luck!

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  1. I have a pretty fair deal, I do all the cooking and my bf does the dishes, I work hard all day and really need to plan meals but once I have eaten I can relax!He also uses less water than a dishwasher!Enjoy the new flatR

  2. Just thinking about you and wondering if the move is complete? Will we see pictures of the new digs?”The-Boyfriend-Who-Does-Dishes” is pretty handy, I can say from experience, though mine lives too far away to help all that often. Hence, I have a dishwasher too – and I DO love it – but now I just hate putting dishes in and out as much as I used to hate washing dishes… go figure!At any rate, congrats on the new place!

  3. I did move, and I did take pictures, but I have no idea where the cords to connect the digital camera to the computer are! I am going camping tomorrow, too, so I am out until next weekend. I miss blogging, though, so I should be back soon. I have started a blog entry, actually, but I haven’t had any time to concentrate on it and get it right.Thanks for coming to check on me!

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