Books by ex-presidents


Well, only one.

I wondered as I read this book: how much of this was ghost written? On the one hand, why would a politician be a good writer? That’s what speechwriters are for, right? On the other hand, this wasn’t great writing. It was fine, it was easy to read, but it was pretty straightforward. Surely a reasonably intelligent person (which I believe describes Bill Clinton) could put a book like this together, maybe with some editorial help. But still, he’s a busy guy, does he have time to write this book? Either way, it doesn’t really change my feelings about this book (it’s not like James’ Frey’s fictional memoir), but I do wonder.

82. Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World by Bill Clinton

This was a quick and easy read, basically a survey of several different effective charity efforts, both global and local. It was very inspiring, and I got several different ideas of things I could do to help others. There was a fair amount of self-promotion, but I imagine that is a hard habit to break after a lifetime in politics, and it clearly wasn’t the main intent of the book.

Only 1 book away from my goal! I haven’t really been that focused on the goal per se, but it does feel good to read as much as I did last year in 11 months. That means I can get in that many more books that I have waiting to be read. AND, I only bought 3 books this month, 2 of which were bibles that I will not read straight through, so my TBR list actually went down for a change! Woohoo!


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