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…to go with my new living room furniture. I have to share it because not only did I come across completely by luck, when I was shopping for something else entirely, but I got a fantastic deal, too. I was at Bed Bath and Beyond getting some things for the house, and I had already paid when I spotted this picture near the door. It was marked at $49.99, and I decided to think about it for a bit. I am trying not to rush into so many expenditures. I decided it was so perfect, though that I had to go back and get it. When I did, it rang up at $12.49! What a deal! So, I had to share.
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  1. Very nice. Would like to see the room it complements, since the moldings look good, too.Especially nice to get such a deal!I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum, trying to dispose of my belongings, most of which were bought outside the US and which represent hours of lovely travel and the pleasure of meeting new people. I really do want to downsize, though, so I think the way to do it is to take good pictures of the things, annotate them, and eventually collect them in an album or fill an entire wall with photographs of my memories. I rather like the latter idea. In the meantime, I like your picture and the way you’ve displayed it.

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