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I have been thinking about this recipe that I found in a Laptop Lunchbox newsletter last year

for some time now. It really looked good, and I even considered making it as an entree for the Thanksgiving meal, like they suggested. I really like the individual dishes, though, and I have some picky family members that don’t necessarily like their foods to be combined, so I decided againt it. I didn’t forget it, however, and this year, I bought portobello mushrooms with my Thanksgiving supplies so that I could do it both ways, using my leftovers to make a totally new dish.
This turned out really well. The girl even ate some, although she said she wasn’t very hungry. But she even put the cranberry sauce on top and ate without complaining! The boy liked it all except for the mushroom, but he ate the sweet potatoes and the stuffing and the cranberry sauce.
I also made pumpkin soup with the pumpkin I had leftover from the pumpkin cheesecake. That wasn’t quite as successful. I thought it was all right, although it could have used a bit more spice. The kids, on the other hand, cried. They haven’t done that in a while, and I thought it was more than a bit of an overreaction, but it clearly was not a success at any rate. I am going to perservere, though, because they need to learn to like soups. I am wearing them down in other areas (excuse me, educating their palates), it is time for soups. They are such a great way to get in extra vegetable nutrition. Plus, it’s cold outside and soup is warming.
I just need to prepare myself for the whining and complaining! They will get used to it eventually, I am sure.

Oops, I missed one!


72 (which is really 71, but I forgot it). The Curse of Kings by Victoria Holt

Another one of the comfort reads. This one was pretty sad, with several deaths, but still a wonderful book.

Too much cooking and cleaning these days, I am forgetting entire books….