Which of these headlines doesn’t belong?


From the Lifestyle section of the Reuters page:

Furniture designers braving crisis at Milan fair
UK’s top students look to teaching as economy wilts
Cocteau memorabilia up for auction in Paris
Man admits keeping nurse in car boot for 10 days
Damien Hirst says crisis will stimulate artists
Living abroad? Study shows you’re likely to be creative

So, what I want to know is, who at Reuters thinks that a story about a women bound and gagged and left in the trunk of her car for ten days in December belongs in the same category as stories about furniture designers, teaching jobs, art auctions and living abroad? Forcibly kidnapping a woman, tying her up, confining her to a small tight space in sub-zero temperatures and failing to give her food or water for ten days (while also using her credit cards to finance shopping trips, vacations, and outings with your girlfriend) is now a lifestyle choice?


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