An almost (but very convertible) vegan recipe


I know, I haven’t been here for quite some time. I have good pictures, too, from my trip to Chicago and the Chicago Diner. I haven’t had the time to…wait, I mean I lacked the energy to post those, and I still don’t have it. I made a really delicious dinner tonight, though, and I had to share the link. I did make this with shrimp, but I think it would be good with tofu, too. I love cabbage, so I was glad to find a good stir fry recipe like this. I used half of the red chili flakes and maybe a fourth of the sriracha sauce this recipe called for, because my friend said she wasn’t in the mood for really hot food. I could have eaten it hotter, but it still had plenty of flavor. We had yellow squash and zuchhini sauteed with a shallot in some olive oil, then steamed as a side dish. Delicious and healthy!

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