Is this cool or what?


I just sent an email to the folks at Backdoor Harvest. I found out about them at the Earth Day Festival I attended last weekend, and it is one of the coolest things I have come across in quite some time. The website is awesome, but to sum up:

  • They will come look at my yard and help me plan a garden
  • I get to pick all the produce
  • They will do ALL the work, from planting to weeding to harvesting
  • It won’t cost me any more than I already spend on produce at the grocery store
  • They will use organic practices
  • Some of the produce grown in my back yard will go to other people in my community
  • No travelling costs for the food to get to my kitchen! This is really environmentally good!

I am so excited about this (as you can tell by all! the! exclamation! points!)! I hope they haven’t filled up already….

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