Another attempt at menu planning

Standard am trying to get better about menu planning. I have done it many times in the past, so I don’t understand why it still seems so difficult sometimes. Here is what I have so far for the next week:

Tonight: Tempeh Shepherdess Pie from Veganomicon, sauteed spinach and tomatoes, steamed broccoli. We have family coming over, and they are about as far from vegan or vegetarian as you can get. This should be sufficiently normal seeming for them to enjoy it, but still nice and healthy.

Sunday: Salmon noodle casserole, peas. I kind of thought when I started this blog that I might move closer and closer to veganism as time went on, but now I don’t think that is going to happen. I like the way we eat, and I don’t think I am going to cut out the seafood, or the occasional egg or bit of goat cheese. On the other hand, all of my favorite cookbooks are still vegan, so there will be plenty of vegan dishes in my future, too. I am thinking maybe I should change the name of my blog, though.

Monday: leftovers. We are having a big brunch in the morning, that is an interesting menu: Tempeh Scramble, Fennel Risotto, roasted butternut squash, coffee chip muffins (all fromVegan Brunch, berry scones, coffee, juice, dark chocolate covered almonds. I am thinking we will need to clean out our fridge Monday night.

Tuesday: The kids will be at their dad’s, so I am thinking of using up some of the appetizer stuff I have hanging around my freezer–edamame shu mai, Thai vegetable potstickers, tiny cocktail samosas.

Wednesday: Red Beans and rice, steamed broccoli, fruit salad.

Thursday: Fried rice

Friday: No clue. Kids at dad’s, so not feeling the cooking. I will probably decide at the last minute.

So, not a bad plan. We could end up going to a friend’s one or two nights, so we should be able to make it through the week with this plan.


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  1. I'd be interested to know how that tempeh scramble turns out. Not a big fan of tempeh, but I'm determined to find a way to like it. I have had my eye on that recipe, but haven't tried it yet.

  2. The tempeh scramble was good, but I think next time I am going to steam the tempeh first in some water and soy sauce. The bitter taste wasn't terrible, but I like the steamed tempeh better. I love tempeh, though. The Baja Tempeh tacos in Veganomicon are awesome, and I liked a recipe for maple glazed tempeh I got somewhere on the web. I think that presteaming it makes a big difference, have you done that?

  3. I do like your title. I am about to go almost vegan! Today is the day! I am also trying to go low fat. So immediately had problems with breakfast. We got through it. I just made a huge red lentil middle east recipe and an Italian veggie soup. I am definitely going to need quicker meals.

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