More transitioning


Last night I finished reading Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Damn. Now I have to become a vegan.

Not that I am opposed to veganism. Much of the food that I eat is vegan. But now all meals with other people will be fraught with tension. People will feel judged, and I will feel left out, and the sort of community that you get from eating with other people will be even less available to me than it is now. I can’t un-know what I read in that book, though. I actually cried while reading some of the descriptions of animal lives and especially accounts of what happens in the slaughter houses. So, we are changing. We are going to go ahead and eat what we have in the house (if I can stomach it), but then no more.

The hardest thing for me will be the eggs. They are so useful when it comes to cooking. And a quick omelet is an easy dinner when I am feeling uninspired. I do have at least one vegan omelet recipe online, though, so that should help. Oh, and I have made tofu frittatas before, and those were awesome! The internet in general should help a lot. I have many vegan blogs bookmarked. And, this past year or two of being almost vegan will make for a less traumatic transition (for me at least—I don’t know about the kids.) Speaking of the kids, I am going to have my daughter read the book, too. I think this is really important.

Wish me luck!


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  1. I just finished reading that book last week and I cried as well. I feel so sad for those animals ;-( I am trying to become vegan but have failed plenty. I never eat eggs or cheese or drink milk now but I am a terrible label reader and have not found the ambition to spend 2 hours in the grocery store mulling over ingredients that I can't pronounce. I even knowingly ate chips with the cheese flavoring yesterday. I feel bad now but I caved I guess. I am trying to become more vegan daily, and every day I get better. I made tofu egg rolls today and duh…realized the rolls are made out of egg so next time I will use rice paper. This was the first time I tried tofu! So I failed and succeeded in the same meal! It is all a journey. I wish you well! ~Janine

  2. It is amazing how many products have dairy or eggs in them, isn't it? I think making the attempt is important, though, and then there is the whole being a human that is not perfect thing…so, it's a journey, not a destination, like you say. Especially when you think that being vegan is not just about food, which is something I have resisted in the past. So much work. I am trying to get there, though.

  3. Hi Susan, Just found your blog and I'm right there with you. Social settings, comfort food (aka pizza) and restaurants are reasons it's easier to remain vegetarian. But, most of my cooking and baking is vegan, so I know it's not difficult and IS enjoyable. I do allow my kids to choose animal flesh outside the home on occasion, but at home it's very nice to be vegan. I'll continue to follow your blog!

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