Exciting discovery!


I just now discovered that Pi Pizzeria has Daiya cheese as an option for their pizza toppings! Vegan pizza! At a very popular restaurant (one that even our president likes!)

I am not usually so exclamatory, but this is pretty darn exciting. This is a place I can go out to eat with my not-even-close-to-vegan friends, and we can all be happy. Plus, we just discovered the awesomeness that is Daiya cheese at home in the past month or two, so I know it is delicious and the kids will be happy, too. But really, the awesomeness of the part where we can go out with our friends cannot be overstated.


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  1. Hi Susan,A friend of mine just forwarded me your link and I am VERY happy to hear that I can eat at Pi. I have been vegan for almost 8 years now and having an actual vegan pizza WITH a cheese substitute that I don't have to make on my own or buy from WholeFoods or Trader Joe's is just… AMAZING! So, please… use exclamation marks. Throw in a few happy faces even 🙂

  2. It is pretty exciting, isn't it? 🙂 We still haven't ventured out to try it due to my attempts to spend less money, but I remain excited. I hear that Katie's pizzeria on Clayton Road across from the Schnuck's has Daiya, too, but it is not on their online menu, so I cannot be sure.

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