Menu, week of 8/7/11

I have really fallen off the menu planning wagon this summer, and I have therefore not been cooking much. If I don’t have a plan, I tend to fall back on throwing together easy things, or stopping in to get takeout somewhere, or buy a bunch of appetizers from the store so that we can be eating quickly. However, after buying new clothes and school supplies this weekend, I am just about out of money, while no where near out of month. For fiscal purposes, my new month starts on the 21st, so it is not as long until more money comes as it sounds, but it is long enough for me to need to be careful. And really, I am not *out* of money, just lower than I like to be at this point in the month. So, it is time to look at using what I have on hand, with only minor grocery store supplementation. That’s a good idea anyway–reducing food waste.Have on hand:

  • ground beef
  • Italian sausage
  • black beans
  • spiced garbanzo beans
  • salmon fillets
  • whole wheat spaghetti
  • quinoa
  • brown rice
  • Arborio rice
  • chicken broth
  • fish sticks
  • chicken thighs
  • turkey burgers
  • salame
  • canned tuna
  • lentils
  • asparagus
  • bell peppers
  • baby spinach
  • cereal
  • oatmeal
  • dried fruits–cherries, cranberries, pineapple
  • eggs
  • butternut squash soup
  • various snacks: granola bars, pretzels, sweet chili rice chips, Simply Fruit fruit rollups, etc.

Garden stuff

  • greens
  • carrots
  • cucumbers
  • banana peppers
  • bell peppers
  • herbs
  • broccoli
  • japanese eggplants
  • green beans

Sunday: pan cooked grated vegetables and crunchy fish–probably with carrots, potatoes and asparagus, plus whatever else I have laying around

Monday: Chili pasta, steamed broccoli, salad

Tuesday: eggplant and mushroom curry, brown rice/quinoa

Wednesday: tomato and sausage risotto, made with garden greens

Thursday: Lentils and rice with tahini onion sauce, green beans, butternut squash soup

Friday: pizza


Eggs and hash browns
Oatmeal with dried fruit
Fruit smoothies


Hard salame sandwiches
Peanut butter sandwiches
Tuna salad sandwiches

Need to do today:
Take hamburger out of the freezer
Make pickled carrots
Bake muffins/scones
Slice bell peppers for snacks

Grocery list, very short:

Daiya Mozzarella
Vanilla soy milk
Fruit–whatever is on sale, but definitely bananas
Orange juice
Nutritional Yeast

I am planning a bit for lunches and breakfasts to make sure we have food, but not individual days. I am actually a bit surprised how much I was able to plan using what is on hand, I thought I was going through food more before shopping lately. It is amazing how much I am able to stock up through relatively small extra purchases. That is my downfall in budgeting–I am always afraid we won’t have enough, so I buy little extra things here and there. On the one hand, that is terrible for my budget. On the other hand, when I do a pantry menu plan, it does increase the variety!


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  1. I really miss banana’s they are $13/kilo here in Alice Springs. They were down to $9 a kilo a couple of weeks ago and I bought 1 for Helen, as a treat!

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