To Do List 8/7/11

  • Housekeeping
    • Clear off dining room table
    • Girl to finish cleaning kitchen
    • Laundry
    • Vaccum living room, family room rug, bedroom rug
    • Help boy clean his room
    • Assemble closet shelving thing and put shoes away more neatly
    • Bathrooms–with boy’s help
    • Send girl out to weed creek
    • Make menu/grocery list for the week
    • Take some things to good will
  • Writing stuff
    • Review blog categories–how do they work, set them up
    • Plan gaming angels posts
    • Review story outline, start first draft
    • Attend feministsf chat on Twitter
    • Work on women in SF statistics
  • Friend stuff
    • Figure out what I did with Barb’s Magic Jack number, so I can call her in Australia! For Free! Magic Jack is cool!

Too much? Maybe, but this is what I would like to get done today. Some of it is just starting things–for instance, I doubt I will finish setting up blog categories today, but I would like to at least figure out how to do it and do some planning. Vacuuming could be moved to tomorrow, if necessary. I need to make a better weekly list to make sure that things get done around here, but this will be a nice start. We need the house clean before school starts, so we can get back on schedule.

The Twitter chat may seem like a big time suck in a busy day, but I did this for the first time last week, and it was awesome! Talking to other people about a topic forces me to think things through and become more clear, which I like. Also, I get to meet cool people, so that is good. It is a nice fun thing to put on my list, too. I like things that I really enjoy and that recharge me while at the same time helping me to improve my writing indirectly.


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