I am Moderating a Chat!


Come join me on Twitter this Sunday, 10/16/11, from 2:00 ET/1:00 CT about two feminist cyberpunk stories:

If you have never done this before, it is a fun time. We get together on Twitter and do a chat using the hashtag #FeministSF. This past week, we did a chat on Cyberpunk and Feminism in general terms, and it was a big discussion, so we decided to continue this week with some specific stories.

Anyone that is interested in co-moderating with me is totally welcome, just let me know. But if you don’t want to moderate, just come and hang out. In theory, we chat for an hour, but it usually goes over, because this is an interesting group of people, :).

Also, you would never guess that I spend a lot of time online by the way I do these chats: I use regular Twitter windows, with one set on the #FeministSF hashtag search, one set on the page for @ me mentions (I have two monitors), and my phone nearby, because for some reason, @ replies come to me more quickly on the phone than the computer. I know that there are places you can go to make this easier (Tweetdeck? some kind of Tweet chat set up?), but I never have think to research this until the chat is starting, and then I don’t have time. So, if anyone wants to give me directions on how to do this better, they would be gratefully accepted.


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  1. I was googling my story, ran across your blog. I had no idea my story was in the same league as Pat Cadigan’s, so it was a pleasant surprise. Would be happy to answer any questions you or the tweeters might have had. I have also penned a prequel of sorts to “Galatea’s Stepchildren,” which is due out on Dec. 23, from Musa Publishing, entitled “Pygmalion Unbound.”

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