Home Decorating Projects


When I bought my house three years ago, there were many things I was excited about. It is bigger than the apartments we had been living in, it has storage in the basement, I have my own washer and drier, it has a yard (a bit of a mixed blessing actually–yard work is not really my thing), and we don’t share any walls with another apartment. The biggest thing I was excited about, though, the thing that came up in nearly every conversation about the new house, was that once I took possession, I could paint the walls any color I wanted. No landlord could require stark white or boring beige; it would all be up to me.

I did start painting almost as soon as I had possession. The night before the movers brought the furniture, I painted the one room that had a color I could not stand, June Day, to a prettier yellow that I loved, Lemon Butter. The walls in the family room are plaster, and the texture was incredibly hard to paint. I painted for 4 hours. Some friends stopped by and even helped for a while, but I was still exhausted when I finished. So, when I saw that I would need a second coat, I decided it would have to wait. I had the big move the next day, so I needed to rest. I had big painting plans, anyway, I would get back to it.

You can guess how much painting I have done since then, I am sure. I did paint a nice abstract canvas for the big wall in my living room, but none of the walls have seen a brushstroke of paint. I have plans, though! Well, sort of. I have ideas that occur to me every once in a while. I have vague color ideas, and somewhat ambitious decorating schemes to go with my new painting. But, I am not making much progress.

Who am I kidding? I am not making any progress.

Enter this blog, which I use almost exclusively to shame myself into actually doing the things I set out to do, and a new feature, where I will start making plans and holding myself accountable for them. The plan is to take a room at a time, make a list of what I want to do t0 redecorate, and then come back and report on my progress. I am not promising that I will work on one room to completion before starting another room, because that is a little too straightforward for me. But, having a master plan for each room should help me to keep making progress. I am going to try to pick projects that I can do myself pretty cheaply, because my kids insist on eating every day and then growing out of their clothes, which gets very expensive, but I know there a few things I will need to hire someone for, mostly electrical work.

I’ll be coming back soon with a plan for the master bedroom, or maybe the kitchen, but does anyone have any general tips for me?

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