Menu, Week of 10/16


Again with a fairly quick menu. I may be taking on a few too many tasks lately, and I am feeling a bit swamped. I don’t know what to drop, though, because they are all necessary in one way or another. I have to have a job, because we all like eating every day and having a place to live. I have to write, because, well, I just can’t do without it. Stupid entropy means I have to keep cleaning my house. I am working on decluttering to see if that makes it a bit easier, but that takes time, too. I have to exercise so that I have energy for all these tasks. I have also been somewhat obsessed with making things lately, whether it is food preservation, craft projects, or anything else I can think of. I want to go out and buy tools and build furniture, but when would I have the time. I have a real problem.

Anyway, the dinner menu helps with this somewhat, because at least I don’t have to waste valuable time deciding what to make every day. I even spent a little bit of time thinking about breakfasts, although I ended up with the same plan as normal: oatmeal, smoothies, peanut butter toast. But hey, I bought some dried fruit, bananas, orange juice and extra bread, so that was some good thinking.

Sunday: Linguine with Chili Scallops

I made this a little differently than what the recipe calls for: I used one pound of scallops, shrimp and calamari, because that was just over half what a pound of scallops cost at Trader Joe’s. I also added a lot of kale from the garden, and I made my own chili sauce with ketchup and chili powder, because I forgot all about chili sauce, even though it was on my list.

Monday: Tomato and Sausage risotto

I’ll probably use kale here, too, and I will definitely add some garlic.

Tuesday: Peanut Noodles, with tempeh and lots of veggies

I love this recipe, but the kids are not fans, so I will make this for just me.

Wednesday: salmon noodle casserole

This is a family favorite, based on a recipe from Sandi Richard’s Cooking For the Rushed, The Healthy Family, but I have modified it a bit. I don’t bake it, for one, we just make it on the stove top, and I add the peas into the skillet with everything else. Of course, I also use non-dairy alternatives for the milk and cheese, but that kind of goes without saying (but here I am saying it anyway…).

Thursday: Chicken stew on rice

This is also based on a recipe from the Sandi Richard book, but I use a mushroom soup instead of the chicken soup. It is basically just a bunch of chicken and veggies, and everyone like it, for a miracle.


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