Having a Teen-Aged Daughter is a Mixed Bag

Don’t get me wrong, my daughter is awesome, and I am glad I have her every day. It’s just a bit of a challenge dealing with a hormone-ridden teen, a girl who wants to be so grown up, but at 14, is still a child. Because I am sick today (see Item #1 below), I am doing 10 random thoughts on my wonderful daughter.

  1. She shares her germs. Yuck, I am so sick, 😦
  2. She is incredibly entertaining, writing silly stories while home sick: The Tale of the Unicorn, Spoon and E
  3. She argues a lot. Listen, I got divorced in large part because I hate arguing, but I can’t get rid of my daughter (nor do I want to). I just hate arguing!
  4. It is fascinating to watch her learn to control herself. I explained to her that I know it is hard to be a teenager with all those raging hormones, so I do have a responsibility to cut her some slack. But she needs to do her part in remembering that she might not always be the rational person in a given conversation and calm the &*(% down. We have a deal: if a conversation/argument gets out of hand, I will point out that she needs to control herself, and if she does it, I will acknowledge her hard work by moving on as if there was no outburst. She is getting better and better at this, and sometimes doesn’t even need to have it pointed out–she is learning to recognize when she is out of control herself. This is hard work, and I am so proud of her!
  5. When she is sick, she still wants to cuddle on mommy’s lap. This is definitely adorable, but also makes my life difficult. We are both feeling terrible today, and heading to the doctor soon.
  6. Did I mention she is expensive? Doctor visits, new clothes, social activities, etc. She is a good bargain hunter, though, and she is usually nice about asking for things.
  7. She is good at framing requests in a way that will get me to say yes. “Can I watch my recording of America’s Next Top Model so that I can erase it off the DVR?” Sure, it may seem a bit manipulative, but at least it requires her to put some thought into what I want out of a deal.
  8. She is learning so much, and she loves to share it with me. Whether it is a scientific principle, a history fact, or a question in Spanish I don’t understand, she is constantly telling me about the things she learns in school. She tells me a few of the things she learns outside of school, too, but I know she wants her privacy, so I try not to push her on the social lessons. God, it kills me, though. When she was little, I knew EVERYthing. I miss that.
  9. She loves geeky things like I do! Doctor Who, science fiction, fantasy, math jokes–she is awesome, and so much fun.
  10. She can laugh at herself. She often says to me, way over dramatically, “You’re ruining my life!” You know, after I say things like , “ I love you,” or “I want to spend time with you,” or “Will you put this book on the bookshelf?” This is much nicer than when she acted like everything I said to her was an attack on the very core of her being (see Item #4).

Okay, time to go snuggle on the couch with my big girl, and hope we both feel better soon. Although, I really do like the snuggling….


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