Blog Cleanup

I had a whole list of things to do this weekend, so of course I decided to tackle some blog cleanup and organization Saturday afternoon. You know, because I didn’t have enough to do. In my defense, I also did some laundry, wrote a couple of posts, decluttered my closet and made the kids work on cleaning their rooms in the same time frame. The rest of the weekend (read: all day Sunday) is looking pretty tight for the rest of my tasks. Still, it needed to be done!

Most of the changes are hard to see, being in the archives. I decided to just get a start on this, not do a whole makeover, so I don’t have a lot of completed tasks, but here is what I did work on:

  • Imported all the posts from two additional old blogs, The Almost Vegan Project and Affluenza Recovery (which didn’t have that many posts anyway)
  • Worked on cleaning up the categories; previously, there were 140 or so, and now there are 34
  • Put up a new Recipes page, but there are not a lot of links there yet
  • Removed some of the posts marked Grammar Nazi. I have been thinking that I don’t like the Nazi reference for a while, and then this weekend I got a comment from someone who didn’t like one of my examples, and I decided to just take the posts down, mostly. Although my criticism of a picture caption was clearly about the use of commas in the sentence, and I in no way made fun of or belittled the people being referred to, I could have made my point without using the real names of the people involved. The story was tragic, and I should have known better than to use their names for a tangential point about grammar.* I did leave up one post that was largely about something else, but I edited the tags to take grammar nazi completely off the site.

This is a nice start on the plans I had when I moved to WordPress, but not so much as to be overwhelming. I will be coming back to put categories on the large number of posts I currently have Uncategorized, and I will probably do some category name changes and further consolidation. Also, due to the first two items on the list, there are now a lot more posts on the Menu Planning and Garden pages.

* Side note: I have never been called an insensitive prick before, and I couldn’t help but find it somewhat amusing given that my site clearly is written by a woman, even though the criticism was deserved. I can’t recall another time when I have felt chagrined, confused and amused in response to one sentence.



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  1. Even though you may not have gotten a large quantity of items done I’m sure it feels wonderful to get rid of some of the items that have been hanging around for a while. I’m planning on moving to WordPress and just haven’t had the time to focus on it yet. Maybe over Christmas break!

    I’m like you in that I make these crazy lists with the knowledge that I won’t ever finish it completely. It does seem to motivate me though.

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