Menu, Week of 11/14


This is one of those weeks when I would like to avoid the grocery store. I may go buy some bread, orange juice, soy milk and bananas, but then again, I may not. I need more money! Or, less spendthrift ways.

Monday: Kelly’s Overnight Chicken, purple potatoes, broccoli, fried green tomatoes

Tuesday: Chicken enchiladas from the freezer, because I have to be at my son’s parent teacher conference by 6:20

Wednesday: pan-grilled chicken with cranberry salsa, pumpkin risotto, peas

Thursday: Creole Tuna, rice, steamed carrots

Friday: chicken enchiladas, salsa, avocado

I also need to make this quinoa salad on Monday for the teachers’ dinner during parent teacher conferences on Tuesday. I think I will have to make a double batch, because I love that stuff, and that will carry me through the week for lunch. I also need to bring cranberry sauce and pumpkin risotto to work on Thursday, when many of the people on my floor do a potluck holiday feast. So, I will make a double batch of cranberry orange sauce on Monday and a double batch of risotto on Wednesday and I should be set.

I will need to buy a few things, but I might be able to get away with only buying red onions, oranges and avocados, plus the items above. Not too shabby for a low-budget week!

This post will be linked up to for Menu Plan Monday.


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