Starting to Plan for Thanksgiving


I go a little crazy at Thanksgiving time. I love to cook for people, and I tend to cook for my family on the day itself, then do another meal with friends soon after.  I make an insanely huge amount of food, too.

This year, I am thinking about skipping the friend Thanksgiving meal. I do love it, but I may be taking on too many things for the holiday season. I need to ask the kids what they think and do a small poll of my friends to see if they will be available on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I have taken on so many other things, though, I am not sure about taking on a full day of cooking. I am not sure about skipping it, either, though, because it makes me sad to think about missing it.

Regardless, I need to do some planning about the upcoming Thanksgiving time, both food-wise and time-wise. I am taking some time off leading up to the big day, plus the day after, so I want to make sure I am using the time wisely. I will be off this Friday, and every day except Tuesday next week, but I will be working at home on Tuesday, so I could do some baking, in theory. I like to spread the cooking out for a few days so that I am not running around like crazy on the day itself, especially since I like to do a late lunch-time meal. I also want to make sure I use my time off wisely to do some other tasks. So this is another post of lists.

Food for Thanksgiving day (subject to change after I consult my family—or not)

  • Dill dip and rye bread with veggies
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Butternut squash risotto (or possibly cornbread stuffing)
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts
  • Turkey
  • Steamed green beans
  • Tropical sweet potato casserole

I have no idea how I am going to do the turkey. I am not sure I have ever made a full turkey, between a spotty history of vegetarianism and just having other people make it (my ex-husband or my dad, usually.) However, the boy is excited to make the turkey this year, so I said we would. My dad did offer to come over and do it on the BBQ grill, though, and I may take him up on that.

I am thinking about doing the risotto instead of my usual stuffing this year for a couple of reasons. First, I have been experimenting with going wheat free lately, and I am thinking it is going well. I have eaten wheat a few times and felt that I was having symptoms related to that, although I have not been systematic about it. A much bigger factor, though, is that I am the only one who likes the stuffing I usually make. I love it, and eat enough to make up for everyone else, but I am thinking I may be better off going to the risotto that I know at least 4 of the 6 of us love. I am considering trying out a cornbread stuffing recipe though, so we’ll see.

I am not sure what to do about dessert this year. I might do a crustless pumpkin cheesecake, or some kind of pudding. This gluten free and dairy free pumpkin pudding looks good. I may have to try that out this weekend to taste test.

Things I can make ahead

  • Dill Dip
  • Cranberry sauce
  • The pumpkin pudding up to baking
  • All the chopping
  • Roasting the butternut squash

Writing Tasks I would like to do in my time off

  • Complete Gaming Angels Holiday Guide
  • Complete The Cult of Lego review
  • Posts for ever day
    • Another budget set up post
    • List of gifts to make
    • Menus
    • <More planning needed here>
  • December Convention post for Gaming Angels
  • A few other Gaming Angels things—featured web magazine, featured web comic, talk to other Pulp Angels team members for ideas and schedules

 Crafts I want to work on

Does this seem like too much? I hope not, because I haven’t even gotten to cleaning and reading and gift shopping.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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    • That is what I was thinking, too, but my dad just called and said he already talked to the boy about doing it on the grill. I may do a brined turkey for us, or maybe I will do that friend dinner–are you guys free on the Saturday after Thanksgiving?

  1. We are going to the home of one of Petro’s co-workers so we are just responsible for a side or dessert. I think I will either make Petro’s mom’s stuffing recipe. Which is really more like shredded cinnamon toast. 😉 Or I will try my hand at a pecan pie with the ingredients I can find here in the store. Not sure if I can find corn syrup so I was thinking about trying to make it with golden syrup instead.

    I did a citrus- brined turkey last time I cooked one. It was good. But, I realized we do not like turkey enough to use up the leftovers. So, next time I make one for us it will probably just be a breast or something we can pretty much eat up in one or two meals! Also, if you do a brined turkey make sure to give yourself plenty of time as the thawed turkey needs to sit in the fridge for 12 hours or so!

    • I like the citrus brining idea! I think we will use leftovers, but we’ll find out. I like turkey in soups or casseroles, and the kids like turkey sandwiches, so we should be okay…

      It is hard to tell from your description if Petro’s mom’s stuffing is a side or a dessert, 😉 .

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  2. We are probably going to the lake on Friday and for the rest of the weekend. Would rather not, but P’s parents are going to be in town – and want to see the lake house. We’ve got to get one more project done before it’s presentable.

    Also, I would think brining at turkey before grilling would be a good (and potentially delicious) idea. The brining would hold the moisture in as it was grilled.

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