Planning a Kids’ Crafting Party: Possible Projects

A friend of mine suggested we do a party for the kids to make gifts this year, and I think it is a great idea. I know my kids will love it, and we can get a lot done in a short period of time if we plan ahead a bit. To that end, here some projects we may want to do at our party, which will be on December 10th.

  1. Cool ornaments

  2. Water decals on ceramic mugs–I am trying to convince the boy to do original art for this one; he is oddly reluctant
  3. Make some salt dough ornaments ahead for painting
  4. Felt coasters
  5. Scrap-supply magnets–these are so cute, and I think the kids would have fun making them
  6. Glittery snowflake ornaments
  7. Geometric soaps–I am iffy on giving soaps as gifts, but it looks like something the kids would enjoy doing
  8. This dragonfly craft might be fun for my 14 year old and her friends

This list seems a bit heavy on the ornaments, but I think we can probably pick a few crafts from this list and set up a nice party. I need to look at the supply lists and see if we need to do prep work before the party for these to help narrow the list down. I should probably also consult with the kids and my fellow party giver. I think this is a good starting point, though.

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