I did go shopping today….


…and I am very tired. We didn’t get up until 5:20, so it wasn’t as bad as I feared, but it was plenty early. My mom and aunt went to Target at midnight last night, but the line was so long they turned around and came back without even going in. They did watch the line for a bit, thinking they would get out of the car when they could walk in out of the cold quickly, but after half an hour the line wasn’t inside yet, so they gave up. And after that, my mom got what she wanted anyway–we went to a different Target at noon today, and they had put the item on a shelf in a weird spot, so they had a lot left despite the amazing deal (I can’t say what it is, because my kids read here sometimes…). Also, we started out at Kmart, but left without buying anything because the lines were insane. We just didn’t have the energy to wait in line for 30 – 45 minutes. Those were the only long lines we saw, though–everywhere else we went, we were no more than third in any line.

I didn’t spend as much as I have some years. I think I need new brake pads for my car, and I know I need to suck it up and go to the dentist already–I have a highly prominent broken tooth I have been avoiding getting fixed because I *really* hate the dentist, and also I am terrified about the cost. My dental insurance is changing, though, so that I will not have a limit for what they cover in the PPO if you go to an in-network dentist, so I am hoping that will help to cover a larger part of the work I need done. It may not actually give me more courage, but at least it removes one obstacle. Now, if I could just get rod of the need to buy Christmas presents and fix my car and eat every day, I’d be good on the rest.

As for what I bought, a significant part of it was craft supplies for the kids’ crafting party, along with a few decorations for outside my house. I got a wreath, a door hanger for the wreath and a few oversize ornaments for the tree in my front yard. I have some outdoor lights around here somewhere, too, so I may try to get those hung tomorrow. The craft supplies were fun to get. We now have craft sticks and pipe cleaners, lots of different buttons and some ribbon, magnets and fabric mesh and even some sparkly glitter glue. When I showed my son the supplies, he said, “Oh, I love glitter glue!” I said, “Doesn’t everyone?”

I also did a lot more cross-stitching today, finishing my first color, and getting nearly halfway through a second, but I don’t have a picture and I am too tired to take one now, so that will have to wait for another time. Good night, all! I hope your Black Friday experiences were peaceful and enjoyable, whether out shopping or at home.

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