I made a hat!


I used this pattern, and it didn’t turn out too badly. I wouldn’t say it turned out well, exactly, either. The bump in the back is actually my daughter’s bun, but the bump on top is from something I did. Also, I didn’t do the last few rows at the end to make the curled up brim, because I thought I might be able to give this to my son, and I thought the lack of a curled brim would make it less “girly,” which is important to nine year old boys.

Despite a few problems, I am pleased with this, mostly because it went quickly and I was able to crochet loosely, which is something I have been struggling with a bit. In my practice, I have had to rip out entire rows because I couldn’t work the hook into the row at all. This is nice and loose, and pretty regular. I think I can take the lessons I learned in this first attempt and make several hats by Christmas time for presents. Hooray!

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