Menu, Week of 1/1

This is not a resolution, I have been menu-planning every week for months now. However, there is something that feels so right about starting the new year with a good plan. I am a big believer in the idea that you should start the way you mean to continue. I plan to make this a big year–I want to do a couple of trips, at least one with the kids and possibly one or two conventions without them, I have a lot of work to be done in my yard, many household projects–and menu planning should help me to save the money to do these things. Of course I can plan cheap meals, but the big savings is in keeping me out of expensive restaurants! Now that the kids are getting older and eating all the time, a meal out with them is a significant expense.

Sunday: Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, light and tangy slaw, chickpea flour quickbread, peas, fried potatoes

Image credit: Post Punk Kitchen

We had this last night, and I am pretty sure I am oozing a garlic scent today. I actually put a lot more than 40 cloves of garlic in my baking dish, and I may have eaten 40 cloves myself. So delicious!

Monday: Rosti with Bacon and Scallions, sauteed kale, blueberry smoothies
I am not actually a big bacon fan. I know, everyone thinks I am strange, but it seems too greasy to me. I am starting to come around a bit, if it is prepared right, and this doesnt have a huge amount of bacon. The kids are ecstatic at the prospect of me cooking bacon for them.

Tuesday: Red beans and rice, broccoli
An old favorite.

Wednesday: Rosemary Chicken with White Beans, spinach salad
One of the first non-plain foods the girl really enjoyed–and this is within the last year. We have had a tense childhood with that girl, because I have met very few plain foods I like, but she is all about plain foods, and has been vocally so since toddler-hood. Thank goodness she is starting to come around to more complex flavors.

Thursday: Red lentil Thai Chili, cornbread
I am having a vegetarian friend over for dinner, and we love curry. This take on chili might be too much for the girl, but I am hoping she will like it. I know that Andrea and I will love it, though, and at least there is cornbread, so the girl won’t go hungry!

Friday: Leftovers

What are you having this week?

This post will be linked up at’s Menu Planning Monday–lots more inspiration can be found there as well!


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  1. Hi Susan! I love the Red Lentil Thai Chili – I’ll have to give that a try. I have a ton of red lentils for some reason and am always looking for good recipes to use with them. And thank you for your comment over on my blog, but for whatever reason it is no longer appearing so I can’t reply to it. I’m having some work done on my website in the background (will be launching a new one in a few weeks) so that might be why. But I’m glad that you can relate to my “intentional” journey. And you are right, the only things I’m going to be intent upon initially is getting rest and enjoying our new baby! Thanks! 🙂

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