Menu, Week of 1/8


I am really focused on being more healthy this year. I am using a fitbit to make sure I get enough exercise in, getting enough sleep, and trying to pile on the veggies and get rid of as much highly processed convenience food as possible. Of course, convenience is good when you are busy, but that is what planning ahead is for, right? And, that is why I am doing some cooking ahead on the weekend now, to hopefully make everything go more smoothly during the busy weekdays.

I am also trying to add fruit to each dinner plan again. We used to do that a lot, and I don’t know why we got away from it. This is another way to make sure the kids are eating healthy foods.

The last big thing I am doing is recommitting to eating dinner at the dining room table. I just talked about this at the end of November, and we have been a little bit better about eating at the table, but it is so easy to sit in front of the TV and relax. No more, though. I need to be firm about this rule for a while, until the habit is re-established.

Sunday: Kielbasa and Bean Bake, sauteed kale and tomatoes, mango

Monday: Jerk Chicken with Fritters and Red Pepper Sauce, carrot soup, ginger lime slaw, applesauce

Tuesday: seafood panang curry, rice with split peas, orange

Wednesday: sausage and tomato risotto, pineapple

Thursday: black beans and rice, fried potatoes, apple slices

Friday: corn pasta with butternut squash sauce (yes, I know this is convenience food, but I already have it, and it is pretty good as jarred sauces go–all recognizable, real food ingredients), leftover veggies and fruit

My budget is still super tight this month, what with finishing my Christmas shopping, a huge Costco trip, and buying too many lunches that first week of the year when I didn’t cook much. At least the Costco trip will make it easy for me to get plenty of interesting food without spending too much more at the grocery store.

What are you making this week?

This post will be linked up at’s Menu Planning Monday–as always, there is a lot more inspiration there!

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