Menu, Week of 4/22


Oh Costco, how I love and hate you! I spend so much money, but then I have food for a long time, so that is good. I get good deals, but I lay out so much money the weekend after payday that I feel broke for much of the rest of the month. I got a new shark steam cleaning mop and a bunch of food this weekend, so I am prepared to have clean floors, but terrified to spend much money at all at the grocery store!

That is what planning is for, though, right? I am going to come up with a plan this week that involves purchasing a bare minimum of extra ingredients, while still being tasty. Thank goodness this isn’t my first time to the rodeo–my menu planning habits are sure to be helpful.

Sunday: We went to a friend’s house after the earth day festival

Monday: Tomato and sausage risotto, salad

Tuesday: out to dinner with a friend (I know, that is spending money, but she is in from out of town…)

Wednesday: Rosti with Bacon and Scallions, scrambled eggs, fruit smoothies (we didn’t actually eat this last week; the combination of a field trip for my youngest and a cheerleading meeting for my oldest meant we gulped down leftovers in the 15 minutes I was home between activities)

Thursday: Curry coconut shrimp, red lentil dal, rice (we didn’t do this one last week, either–we went to my parents’ house for dinner on Friday)

Friday: Roasted Italian sausage, potatoes, bell peppers and onion

Saturday: Grilled chicken for fajitas, mushroom skewers, grilled peppers and onions, black beans, mexican rice, guacamole, mayo-less Mexican slaw (we’ll have friends over for this, I hope…)

Not bad, eh? My grocery list is nice and small, too:

Arborio rice
vanilla soy milk
bread, regular and gluten-free

Wow, that is so small, I almost think I am missing something. However, we have lunch meat and lots of fruits, veggies, and snacks to put in lunches, plus, we are starting to get stuff out of the garden, so we are in good shape. Now I can breathe a bit more easily when thinking about funds for the rest of the month. Menu-planning to the rescue!

This menu will be linked up at–head over there for lot’s more inspiration!


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