Menu, Week of 5/6


I am once again in a place where I need to be extra creative, because I need to make due with what we have in the house. I did go buy a few perishables this weekend, but end of school field trips, fees and I don’t even know what else are squeezing our budget. Fortunately, I have a lot of staples on hand, and I like being creative!

Sunday: Fend for yourself – I made a big pan of Taco Lasagna Saturday night, so I wanted to get that eaten up. Unfortunately, the kids were not big fans of eating it two nights in a row, so only I ate it, and there is still a lot! They found other things to eat, though.

Monday: Speedy Jambalaya – We did some cleaning this weekend, and I found an old copy of Taste of Home with this recipe. When I told the girl what we were having, she was very upset and said “That is not a real food, that is just a world people made up” with great disgust. She has a problem with new things. This isn’t even that strange–we eat other creole dishes, some of which she even likes! It turned out very good, though, and she didn’t hate it at least.

Tuesday: Chicken in peanut coconut curry sauce, Red Lentil Dal – This is easy, cheap, and something the kids don’t appreciate as much as I do, so it is good for a night when they will be with their dad.

Wednesday: Chinese meatballs with peas and pineapple over rice – I will make this with ground turkey instead of beef.

Thursday: Beef stew – This will probably be more like what Rachael Ray calls a stoup–not quite as thick as a stew, but definitely not a soup.

Friday: Honey and hot sauce chicken strips, steamed broccoli, pumpkin pasta (made with corn pasta)

Saturday: Leftovers, or something creative…

This menu will be linked up at–head over there for lot’s more inspiration!


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