Jumping in again


The theme for BlogHer’s June NaBloPoMo is Jump, which is perfect for me right at this moment. I mentioned starting a daily writing habit in my Summer Goals post, but it wasn’t a very structured goal. Saying I will start a daily writing habit is not the same as making a plan that can actually be followed.

Last November, I did the official NaBloPoMo, and it really did help with the discipline. It even carried over some–I didn’t post every day in December but I did write 14 posts here, plus a couple of posts at GamingAngels, which I think is pretty impressive for such a busy month. Things have tapered off since then, however.

So, I am jumping in to post every day here. I need specific goals with freedom, so I am getting specific with “Post something every day” but I am keeping things open-ended by not imposing a specific topic on each day. I do want to do something with short fiction of some sort, though, because that is what I want to do the most, and it is also what scares me the most. That will be my task for tomorrow, jumping right in the deep end.

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