Whither the relaxing weekend?


Is the weekend really supposed to be a relaxing break from the workweek, or is that just a fantasy? Today I have gone out to lunch with my mother, aunt, kids and grandmother, dropped my daughter off at one store while my son and I went to another, went to a third store all together so that we could buy a bat mitzvah present, went home so the girl could get ready for the night, drove her across town, cleaned up the boy, walked the dog and made food. I still have to go to Art & Air to see Javier Mendoza tonight, but that at least should be relaxing.

Tomorrow will be almost as busy (racquetball in the morning, then lunch with a friend, then pick the kids up from my parents’ house and head over to another friend’s house for swimming–and somewhere in there I need to plan a menu and buy groceries). A lot of these things are fun, but it leaves little time at home for relaxing or house cleaning or writing!

Am I the only one who is still looking for that relaxing day? Anyone have tips for getting everything in and still having downtime? Sometimes I feel like I have it down, and sometimes I feel like I am coming up for air after weeks of no breaks. Part of my issue today was sleeping in this morning–the rest of day feels rushed when I miss the morning hours.

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