Another Busy Saturday


Shopping, lunch, more shopping, putting away the fruits of warehouse shopping, collapsing for just a bit, dinner with grandparents and an evening of crocheting, that’s how I spent my day. It is great to see family, and we needed a lot of stuff from Costco–these kids of mine eat all the time! I am hopeful that tomorrow will be a chance to get a bit more done around the house, especially with my lavender, but also cleaning and writing and cooking.

We are planning to have friends over tomorrow, and I have to admit, I put more thought into what kind of cocktails I want to make than I did in the menu, which will probably consist of grilled bratwurst and artichokes, along with broccoli salad and maybe goat cheese and olives or salsa or other snacks. It’s not even that I am that big a drinker, I just have a lot of pitcher-of-drinks type recipes I want to make, so I want to take advantage of having friends over to help me drink them. I will probably fall back on a simple white sangria with fruit and some orange liqueur, but I may still find something else that is fun.

I am thinking that this will be another weekend where I am glad to get back to the workweek for a break of sorts. At least tomorrow will be spent at home, mostly, even if it is a busy day.

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