Menu, Week of 6/10


This weekend, I decided I could not put off a huge trip to Costco any longer. I am much poorer in dollars now, but much richer in food! I tried to exercise some restraint, so I pretty much bought only food this time, resisting the temptation to buy all the household goods, outdoor paraphernalia and assorted deals they have throughout the warehouse. I did get bratwurst and artichokes for a good BBQ, though.

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It is a good thing we BBQ’d last night, too, because as I type this, it is pouring outside. Not that I am complaining–we need the rain, it has been so dry here lately. My garden and fig trees are going to be very happy with this deluge.

I have some garden using tasks I didn’t get done this weekend that I will need to do during the week. I made all those great plans for the lavender and did exactly nothing there, and it is time to take all of the garlic scapes off the garlic plants. I have been using some scapes, but I will have a lot to use at once, so I foresee a big batch of garlic scape pesto in my near future.

Sunday: Grilled bratwurst, grilled artichokes, broccoli slaw, sangria for the adults

Monday: Ground turkey with peas and potatoes–loosely based on this recipe, brown rice/quinoa, leftover broccoli slaw

Tuesday: Peanut coconut chicken curry, rice

Wednesday: Pasta with Tuna, Capers and Tomato Sauce, smoothies

Thursday: Scrambled eggs, hash browns, turkey sausages

Friday: Italian sausage and tomato risotto

Saturday: leftovers

As always, this post will be linked to Menu Plan Monday at–lots more ideas over there!


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