To Do List for Sunday


I really need to get back to my weekend list making, so I know what I am doing. The weekend is half over now, but I am getting my list in for what is left

  • Make some crafts. I bought supplies today to make cool bracelets and necklaces I pinned on Pinterest, and I want to get that done (or at least started).
  • Play racquetball with the girl. My friend is still hurting from pulling a muscle in her leg last Tuesday, but I don’t want to lose my momentum.
  • Go swimming at a friend’s house. I know, that doesn’t sound like a to do list item, but relationships are important, and sometimes it is easy to stay home like a hermit and ignore them.
  • BBQ with my dad for Father’s day. He dearly loves to BBQ for us, so we are heading over there, even though he smokes like a chimney and I hate that smell. It’s father’s day after all.
  • Make a menu for the week. Hopefully one that doesn’t require me to buy anything after last weekend’s expensive Costco trip!
  • Go to bed early. The girl starts summer cheerleading practice at 6 AM Monday, and I want to give her a ride, at least for the first day, so I need to break my staying up ’til midnight summer habit.
  • Finish the blog post I started today. It is a bit more drawn out than this list, so I want to take a bit more time on it. I hope I didn’t raise huge expectations there! I have been mulling a bit this weekend on full engagement and doing what I want with my life rather than drifting through it, and I think that merits a bit more time, including an extra day for reviewing.

So far this weekend, I have taken the dog for a walk, made dinner last night and did a few errands. Not much, I know, but I am feeling pretty good about tomorrow. I am going to get a bit more crocheting done tonight as well, which is always relaxing and fun.

What are your plans for this weekend? How are they coming along?

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  1. We didn’t end up making the jewelry, the girl didn’t have time for me, :(. Maybe later this week. I got different colors, though, blue, silver and lavender metallic cord, white and black beads. I think they will be cute when we actually get around to making them!

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