Happy New Year!


New Year

January 1st is an arbitrary time to start any project, but it is hard to avoid being sucked into the cultural zeitgeist that is resolution-making, no matter how bad my personal track record is with keeping resolution is. I am not alone in this, as the 39.8 million results Google found me in .22 seconds on “keeping resolutions” attests.

I had planned to do what I normally do at the beginning of the new year–continue what I am already doing, maybe just pausing today to do a quick review of where I am. See, I am not a big fan of resolutions, but I am a fan of taking stock of where I am and making plans. (That means I get to make lists! Oh, how I love lists!) To some extent that is exactly what I am going to do–I am already in the middle of a big fitness challenge through work, and I am at a point where I am evaluating progress right now, since my goal is broken up into monthly sub-goals.

My employer, like many these days, is trying to promote wellness, and they put together a Chairman’s challenge for people to set some goals and hold themselves accountable. I chose to focus on exercise, because I think it is the most important aspect of health, in that it is a bit of a cornerstone activity–there are health benefits to the exercise itself, obviously, but it also helps me in other ways:

  • I eat better when I exercise regularly
  • I sit less, or at least break up my sitting time more, which has important benefits
  • I drive less, which benefits both my budget and the environment
  • My house is cleaner, because I have to do something to get steps in!

My goal was to increase my average daily steps each month until I got to an average of 10,000 per day. I started in October with a goal of 6,000 steps/day, and I made that, but I backslid in November and actually averaged around 5500 steps per day instead of the 7,000/day I was aiming for. I re-evaluated and moved everything out a month, trying for 7,000 again in December, and this time I made it! I am not too concerned about the blip in November, because this is a long term goal, and the important thing is to do it right, not quickly. This month I am aiming for 8,000/day (again, on average) and I am cautiously optimistic.

I am actually starting a new project today, though. The fact that I am starting today is more a coincidence than a plan. I have been doing a lot of crafting lately, and when I got a gift card to Barnes & Noble from my brother, I went right to the crafting books in the Nook store. I am not even sure how I came across Noah Scalin’s book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal, but I was intrigued by the idea.

I can’t think of a specific theme that I can commit to for a full year at this point, but I love the idea of making something every day. So, I am tweaking the idea a bit. I plan to spend this year making *something* everyday, exploring what DIY, handmade, crafting and all of that means to me. I have no rules for this, I could make anything–and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete something. I do a lot of longer term projects, with my crocheting for instance. But I do think making things is important, and I want to look at how I incorporate that into my life.

I am not actually committing to posting what I make here everyday, because I know some days are busy, and posting each day may push me over the edge. I do plan to share my projects, they just may get bunched up into summary posts sometimes. This is supposed to be a boost to my creativity, not another stressor. I am looking forward to it!

Happy new year to all! Do you have any project plans or resolutions for the new year?


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