Making Things: Christmas Crochet Projects


I can’t share what I am working on today because it is a late Christmas present, and the recipient may be reading here. Instead, I am going to share some of the projects that I did complete.

One of the first things I made as a Christmas present was this scarf for my friend Andrea, who is modeling it beautifully:

I made it early, in August, and it was so perfect for her, so much the essence of Andrea as it were, I gave it to her as soon as I finished it. After that, though, I got better about setting my projects aside to wait for the holiday.

I made this Lacy V-Stitch Blanket for my cousin Dawn in September:

I followed this pattern, changing the colors and size to suit Dawn perfectly. She loved it!

I made this poinsettia pin for my grandmother, because she loves poinsettias:

I made two of these hats, one for my son in red, grey and black, and this one for his friend:

I made a few other things, too, but these are the pictures I could find fairly easily. I also have several late projects to finish still. I am feeling pretty good about my handmade Christmas presents this year, though. I did make most of the presents I gave, although I ended up buying several things as well. My goal for 2013 will be only to give things that I have made for the recipient. My brother and my dad–who got restaurant gift cards this year–will be the biggest challenge here, but if I start now, I am sure I can find something they will like.

Do you make Christmas or other presents?


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