Day 4: One blanket panel


I am switching things up a bit, labeling my posts by days, because I think it sounds more impressive that way. Not now, obviously, while I am posting Day 4, but eventually I will have many things piled up, and I will feel accomplished, ;).

I decided a while back to make a blanket in school colors to donate to the big auction that my daughter’s high school Parents’ Club has each year, along with two scarves–one spiral scarf and one more manly striped scarf. I made 2 of the 9 panels for the blanket right away, but then I had to go back to Christmas projects.  It is time to seriously speed things up on this project if I want to have it done on time, though. For me, breaking this sort of thing down a bit is much less overwhelming, so I made one more panel on Friday.



Please ignore the messy desk in the background. And the beads on the other end of the table. This whole making things adventure is not all that great for the state of my house–more stuff plus less time to organize.

As you can tell, my daughter’s school loves Halloween. I am hoping they can market the blanket and scarves for football games, although it doesn’t get that cold here early in the year. When I went to watch my daughter cheer for the freshman team this year, the fans were mostly in shorts. Still, our school and the one in the next suburb over play a Turkey Day game every year, and it is generally cold then, so a blanket and scarves in school colors would probably come in handy.


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