Day 7: Starting a New Blanket


I have a big problem with wanting to do new projects all the time. I see something cool, and I want to start it immediately. As a general rule, if I am obsessing too much over a project, I go ahead and start it, even if I already have many things in progress, because starting the project takes the edge off of that obsession.

During the months leading up to Christmas, though, I really tried to limit new projects that were not going to be Christmas gifts. I already had so many things going, and I really did want to finish a lot of things for the holiday. My resolve was tested when I got the Best Gifts of 2012 bonus issue of Crochet Today on my Nook, though. There are many great patterns in that issue, but what really caught my eye was this Lancaster Quilt:

I love everything about it, even the colors, which is rare for me. I see a lot of patterns that I like, but my first thought is usually “Of course, I’ll use different colors.” This one, though, I love the colors, too. I wanted to start it immediately, but I knew I wanted that pattern for myself, and that it would be time-consuming, so I delayed. This week, I could delay no longer–I had to at least start the blanket.


What do you think? Don’t be distracted by the beautiful blanket behind my square. My grandmother made it for me years ago, and it is one of my favorite things ever. Okay, go ahead and be distracted by it, I obviously am, ;).


I love it already. Of course, now that I have gotten through the first 14 rows, I am going to be making progress much more slowly, I am sure, especially since I have many other projects in the works still, but I am glad to have this going.

How many projects do you have going at once?


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