Day 8: 2 Granny Stars


As I’ve said before, I am using this time early in the year to do a few smaller Christmas decoration projects. There is no gift-finishing pressure, so I have time to work on a few projects for my own house or tree. This project is a bit of personal decoration and gift-giving, though. I wanted to make some kind of Christmas ornament that I could put on some other kinds of homemade gifts, or that I could give out as a small gift to multiple family members, but I didn’t want to take the time away from my other other gifts in December.

Yesterday, I decided to try out a couple of patterns that I have on my Pinterest crochet board.

I like them both. The one color star is a lot easier to take along with me, since I can take one skein of yarn and make a quick star anytime I have a short block of time available.


The multi-colored star is pretty and more interesting.


I made these with Christmas colors, but these patterns seem like a good way to use up small amounts of stash yarn, too, or to make something in a color that seems to fit a particular person or home decor. I foresee a lot more of these in my crafting future, and I hope to have a nice big stash for the holidays this year!

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