Days 9, 10, 11: More of the Same


Eventually I will make something that is neither food nor crochet, but for now I am still deep in the crochet projects. They take some time, and I do love them. Plus, crocheting is super relaxing, and it is one of the ways I buy TV time for myself. See, I only let myself watch TV if I am doing something productive, and crochet is one of the things I can easily do while watching a murder mystery or learning something on the History 2 channel.*

This past week was super busy with volunteer activities. I have that full-time job taking up my time every weekday, but this week I also had two committee meetings and one club meeting, plus many visits to local businesses begging for donations to the yearly auction held by the high school Parents’ Club. Also, I am making a blanket (for sure) and two scarves (hopefully) for the auction, and I need to get those done.

So, Wednesday and Friday were spent making another panel each day on the school colors blanket:


Thursday was the busiest day, so that day I made another quick granny star, this time with a smaller yarn and hook:


For reference, here are the two different sizes together:


The green star was made with Red Heart Super Saver and an H hook, the pink was made with Caron Simply Soft and an F hook. I like them both, but I think the smaller one might be better as a Christmas tree ornament.

* Doesn’t that make me sound smart, saying that I am learning something? Sometimes I really do learn something on there, but I have to admit, sometimes I just watch so I can make fun of the alien conspiracy freaks. Man, those guys are funny!


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