Day 19: Getting Started in Collage


When I was deciding to do a year long project focusing on making something every day, I came across Making Made. This project really spoke to me, because Jeanne didn’t decide on a unifying theme for her project (like an owl a day, or a robot a day, for instance), she just decided to make something every day. I didn’t feel that there was a specific theme I wanted to commit to doing daily, but I could get behind the idea of making sure creation is a daily occurrence in my life. I have been wanting to make more things for a long time, but daily life gets in the way so often, and I wanted a spur to daily action. Plus, I want to branch out, try more techniques, and make more of what I use in a global sense.

So, the whole blog was inspiring to me, but her Deer Chicago collage really stood out. Go look at it, it is awesome. I have been interested in collage anyway, but after seeing this, I realized how much opportunity there is to create something uniquely meaningful through collage. The deer in this picture is from a photograph Jeanne took on a hike, and the Chicago skyline is a vintage photo. I love the way the personal photo is juxtaposed with the vintage photo and the text making up the street.

I don’t actually have a collage (although I guess my Christmas art could be considered collage), but I did paint a background on a canvas this weekend that will be the basis for a mixed-media project.

collage canvas

Obviously, there will be actual collaging on top, but I am very pleased with this background. It is an abstract idea of grass and sky, and I love the color changes. Now, I just need to figure out how I want to do the rest, and get a block of time to work on it. I did some experimenting this weekend with attaching yarn to another canvas, because yarn will be involved here., but I am still thinking through the overall approach.

Do you make collages? What kind of materials and adhesives do you use?


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    • Thanks! I honestly came across the Make 365 website and thought it was a great idea, but no way could I think up a unifying theme for every day. Since I loved the idea, though, I was browsing through the blog there and when i came across your project and started looking though the posts on your blog, I suddenly thought, “Hey, *this* I can do!” So thanks for the inspiration!

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