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Days ???: Comforting Myself


Three weeks ago today, my grandmother died.

She was in the hospital for 6 days before that, and I spent a lot of time there with her and the extended family. If you have ever spent that kind of time in a hospital, you know it has a lot of down time. My cousins, my aunt, my mom, my brother, various friends and extended family–we all spent a lot of time in conversation, sharing our memories of my grandma, but there was still plenty of time to fill. And really, one of the things I like about crocheting is that I can do many projects while chatting with others. On top of that, crocheting seemed the perfect activity for comforting myself as we watched my grandmother die, since it is something I shared with her.

I made excellent progress on two blankets, including one that I have since finished and donated to the high school Parents Club auction that was held this past weekend. Here is a picture of the auction goodies in place:

auction stuffAfter I took this picture I noticed some ends that needed to be worked in and took care of that, but I think they mostly look good. The border on the blanket is one row of single crochet and one row of crab stitch. I really liked the effect of the crab stitch–it gave a definitely finished look without adding too much bulk. The lot did not sell for a very high amount, I don’t think, but there were multiple bids, and there were many items to bid on, so I am just happy to have contributed.

I have many other things that I worked on in the past month or so–I did not stop trying to make something every day for the most part, although the days of the visitation and funeral were pretty much a bust–but I am not going back to document everything. Almost everything I made was a work in progress, not counting a few new recipes I tried out, so a lot of the projects will come up in future posts. ¬†Also, this focus on making things every day has really clarified my process for me–I don’t really like to complete something in one day. It is possible that at some future time I could come up with a specific project that involves concentrated making in one sitting, but for a lot of things I prefer the perspective I get from at least one night’s sleep during the process, if not several days when I am working on something else in between. So, I don’t plan to stop making time every day for creativity, but at this point I am expecting lots and lots of in progress days, and that is okay with me. I think it is very important to love the process anyway.