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Menu, Week of 5/19 (A Retrospective)


I started to plan ahead this week, but I didn’t really make it. I think we did pretty well on eating, though, so I want to document what we did eat for future reference.

Also, I broke out the measuring tape earlier in the week. Wow, was I surprised at the results! In two weeks, I went down in size in nearly every category, starting with a full inch in the waist! For some reason, I went up half an inch in the hips, which makes me think I must have done that measurement wrong to begin with, but overall I lost over 5 inches (bicep, forearm, thigh, calf, waist, neck and chest). Again, I have to say wow!

Oh, and I did a non-fasting cholesterol test at the end of last week–overall cholesterol is only 130, with triglycerides at 75. My HDL is a little low, but I am hoping to turn that around soon. I am amazed my numbers were so low after eating high fat and low carb for over two weeks, though! I ate bacon, eggs and cheese for breakfast about three hours before that blood draw, too.

I didn’t exactly follow my menu the week before because things got a little busy, but I did pretty well and I was happier with what I was eating. Tuesday I ate leftovers instead of cooking, and Wedesday I ended up with only 30 minutes at home before I had to run out the door, so I ended up eating hard salami and pickles, but overall the better planning really helped me this week. I found the food less boring, and I spent a little less money.

I have to say, the change I am having trouble adjusting to is keeping enough meet and especially eggs on hand! We have been eating a lot more eggs for breakfast, and it doesn’t take long to go through a dozen eggs with 3 people eating them. My monthly Costco run is going to look a bit different this time than it has in the past, although I have been getting more meat for a while now–it is just such a good deal to get meat there rather than the grocery store.

Sunday: I had the boy only after the Boy Scout camporee, so we went on a mother/son date at Bandana’s. I had beef and pork, with green beans and cole slaw.

Monday: Leeks, greens and goat cheese fritatta, topped with smoked salmon, salad, steamed broccoli

Tuesday: It was payday, so I ended up going out–NY strip steak, green and wax beans, asparagus soup and just a few pieces of sweet potato hash

Wednesday: sirloin steak, salmon, sauteed spinach, cauli-rice, sauteed mushrooms

Thursday: Last day of school, so we had to work around the end of year party. We ate some leftovers before heading to the party, then the boy went and had pizza with his friends (the girl was off with her dad), and I went out for a burger topped with shrimp and a cajun spice butter sauce with no bun and cole slaw on the side. I also had a few hot wings after we confirmed that there was no breading on the wings.

Friday: This time I had the girl and one of her friends while the boy was off at his dad’s. We went to a local Chinese buffet place that has crablegs on Friday nights, dipped in delicious butter. I had salmon, a bit of roast beef, green beans and butter mushrooms, too, along with a chicken skewer and one BBQ rib.

All in all, still a bit too much eating out, but I think it is getting better. The girl and I really liked the cauli-rice, but the boy was not impressed. I think it might be better for him as a base for other dishes, but he is just not a cauliflower fan.

The kids are both off to their dad’s now until Friday, when they will come home to help pack and get ready to head out on vacation on Saturday. I need to do some planning ahead for myself this week and for the food we are taking for the first part of the trip, which will be a couple of days of camping. I am thinking it might be good to head to Costco today, too.


Menu, Week of 5/13


I have to admit: the low-carb stuff is seeming a bit boring to me. I am tired of eggs and bacon for breakfast. I am a little bored with salads for lunch. I miss the variety of high-carb foods out there.

This week I am aiming to add more low-carb veggies to the mix to make things a bit more interesting. I am doing tuna salad stuffed tomatoes for lunch to have something different.Even though it is getting more summery here, I think I’ll add some soups to the mix, too.

Sunday: BBQ at my parents’ house

Monday: Cinnamon and Chicken Stew with artichoke hearts and spinach subbed for the chickpeas (maybe some mushrooms added, too, because I love them even if no one else does), quinoa for the family, fried cabbage and bacon

Tuesday: Sausage and Eggplant Stew, cooked on the stovetop instead of the crockpot

Wednesday: Korean Beef (made with ground turkey, because that is what I have on hand, and probably Truvia instead of the brown sugar), cauli-rice, green beans

Thursday: bratwurst, broccoli, fries for the kids, sauteed mushrooms for me

Friday: Eggplant and Mushroom Curry, leftover cauli-rice, maybe some Indian spiced chicken

All I will need to buy this week is Italian sausage and maybe a bit of bacon and eggs and some green beans, so not a bad plan!

Anyone else doing low-carb? What do you do for breakfast and lunch. It has been all bacon and eggs for breakfast and big salads for lunch here. That sounded so exciting, especially with full fat salad dressing, but I am bored, bored, bored.

As always, there are a lot more menu-planning ideas over at!

Low Carb Check-in


I came home from work last night and did a load of laundry, complete with hanging and putting away, worked in the yard and cooked dinner. Oh, and I worked on sorting the pile of junk that has accumulated on my dining room table. I barely sat down until 8PM–and this is after I had hit 10k+ steps for the day before even leaving the office.

I lost 2.5 pounds in the first week. For a year now I have been working on upping my exercise and eating low fat and although I did go down a size, I didn’t lose anything. I gained a couple of pounds, in fact. I guess I put on muscle, but it is still crazy. I was hungry all the time, too, which probably explains the lack of weight loss. I had to replenish all the energy I used up with exercise. Now, I have energy to do things, my clothes are looser, and the scale is moving. I can eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and not even think about food again until lunch. I am also noticing I am more productive in general, at work and at home. I am getting more stuff done, with less distractedness, which is huge for me.

The results are so good, I am almost wondering if it is psychosomatic. It is too soon to tell if these are permanent effects, or just a honeymoon phase, but so far I am loving the effects of the low carbs. I just feel so much better. Also, my kids are thrilled with all the meat we are eating–they have always been big meat lovers.

The only bad thing I have noticed so far is the expense–meat is expensive. But it is worth it if I am healthier! Of course, if the weight loss keeps up, I am going to need to spend even more money on new clothes. I’ve had worse problems, but on the other hand, I don’t have a lot of disposable income for clothes at this point. And nothing makes clothes shopping more necessary and more fun than getting smaller, so this could be a minor budgeting problem.

Menu, Week of 5/5


Last Saturday, April 27, I made a menu, I made a grocery list and I went to the store and bought all the things I needed to make that food. Then I came home and started reading my new book, Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It, by Gary Taubes, and I realized my menu plan was not going to work for me. I was surprised how much sense the information I was reading about low carb diets made to me–both from a scientific standpoint, and as a way of explaining what I was noticing in my own diet and weight loss results (or lack thereof).

I’ve been eating low carb ever since, and I think it is going well. I’ve lost 2.5 pounds in the last week, and I am less hungry and my clothes seem looser. I have more energy, too.

It is a bit of a menu-planning challenge, though. It is just so different from my usual way of planning. We are eating a lot more meat (much to the kids’ joy!), and meals are just different. I am not a fan of component type meals–a hunk of meat and side dishes–but I don’t have a lot of low carb casserole type dishes. It is taking a bit of time to adjust, which is all the more reason to plan ahead, right? I am still serving potatoes and other starchy sides for the kids as they are growing. I am a bit worried about their veggie intake, too, as most of the vegetables they like are the starchy ones, although they are big fans of broccoli, so that is good.

Sunday: Hamburgers at a friend’s house (I had mine with no bun and sliced avocado, tomato, onion, pickles and spicy mustard to dip), bell pepper strips

Monday: BBQ pork chop filets, broccoli, sauteed mushrooms for me, fries for the kids

Tuesday: Chicken with artichoke hearts and mushrooms, salad

Wednesday: Sloppy Joes, avocadoes, bell pepper strips, fries for the kids

Thursday: Salmon noodle casserole–because the boy really, really wants it!, salmon filet for me, green beans

Friday: Pizza made with garbanzo bean flour and Daiya cheese, which is still going to be a bit high in carbs, but much lower than traditional pizza (thinking about pepperoni and Italian sausage for toppings, plus mushrooms and red onions on my part), salad

Saturday: Having friends over for a BBQ–minted lamb burgers with feta and hummus, grilled cabbage and bacon, mushroom skewers (although I will probably just toss them in a grill basket), salad, steamed broccoli, maybe grilled artichokes, because the boy loves those, too

Lots more menus available at