Low Carb Check-in


I came home from work last night and did a load of laundry, complete with hanging and putting away, worked in the yard and cooked dinner. Oh, and I worked on sorting the pile of junk that has accumulated on my dining room table. I barely sat down until 8PM–and this is after I had hit 10k+ steps for the day before even leaving the office.

I lost 2.5 pounds in the first week. For a year now I have been working on upping my exercise and eating low fat and although I did go down a size, I didn’t lose anything. I gained a couple of pounds, in fact. I guess I put on muscle, but it is still crazy. I was hungry all the time, too, which probably explains the lack of weight loss. I had to replenish all the energy I used up with exercise. Now, I have energy to do things, my clothes are looser, and the scale is moving. I can eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and not even think about food again until lunch. I am also noticing I am more productive in general, at work and at home. I am getting more stuff done, with less distractedness, which is huge for me.

The results are so good, I am almost wondering if it is psychosomatic. It is too soon to tell if these are permanent effects, or just a honeymoon phase, but so far I am loving the effects of the low carbs. I just feel so much better. Also, my kids are thrilled with all the meat we are eating–they have always been big meat lovers.

The only bad thing I have noticed so far is the expense–meat is expensive. But it is worth it if I am healthier! Of course, if the weight loss keeps up, I am going to need to spend even more money on new clothes. I’ve had worse problems, but on the other hand, I don’t have a lot of disposable income for clothes at this point. And nothing makes clothes shopping more necessary and more fun than getting smaller, so this could be a minor budgeting problem.


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