Menu, Week of 7/21



I went to Costco this weekend, so my freezer is full of meat. So full, I had to leave some of the meat in the fridge to be used up this week. This should make menu planning easier, since I know what I have to work with, right?

Also, you’ll note that this menu is heavy on the sauteed zucchini–it is that time of year, lol.

Sunday: Sirloin steaks, sauteed mushrooms, green beans, cauli-rice, bacon avocado deviled eggsbaked chicken thighs

Monday: Lemon Garlic baked chicken thighs, sauteed zucchini, asparagus wrapped in bacon

Tuesday: Unstuffed cabbage casserole, cauli-rice

Wednesday: Bratwurst, sauteed zucchini, sauteed mushrooms, potatoes for the kids

Thursday: Zucchini and Italian sausage lasagna, based on this recipe, but probably without the eggplant and altered to be dairy-free, salad

Friday: Pork paprika with mushrooms and sour cream, broccoli

Saturday: Low-carb Reuben meatloaf, sauteed greens, asparagus

 As always, there are a lot more menu ideas over at!

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      • You are so right.Planing is 1/2 the battle. When our children were little I cooked 2 x per month all day, buying institution cans of food, large quantities of meat and froze the meals. that help me have time for homeschool, business and fun stuff. Very economic and easy to do.
        Your menu is sooo appetizing.

  1. Oh that sounds like a tasty menu!
    Every week before I go food shopping, I make a meal plan for the week, and then make my shopping list based on that. I find it saves me money, as I only buy what I need. Also, to actually sit down and make a meal plan means I can plan the meals around my activities for the week (eg a quick-to-cook meal for the evenings I go running). Makes life easier and more organised!

    • Exactly! I am not always awesome about following the plan to a T, but I usually don’t stray too far, and I am much more likely to eat at home rather than expensive restaurant meals, 🙂 .

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