Menu, Week of 7/28



This is going to be a strange week, as the boy has band camp in the evenings. He is at his dad’s this week, and his dad is having some conflicts with the time, so I am doing a lot of driving back and forth so that he can attend. I won’t have a lot of time to cook! I won’t really have kids around, so I can do quick and easy, though, so that helps.

Sunday: Leftoversstew

Monday: “Breaded” pork chops with dijon mustard sauce, Zuccchini bake

Tuesday: Curried beef stew

Wednesday: Bratwurst, salad

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Bacon, mushroom and cheese omelet, salad

Saturday: Low-carb Paella

As always, lots more menu ideas can be found at


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  1. Doesn’t it seem early for the school stuff to already be starting? Quick and easy menus are the best for busy weeks.

    • Yes! My kids start on 813, but activities are already starting! Of course, it doesn’t seem like they really stopped–my daughter is a cheerleader, and she had to practice for the last two weeks of June and march in the 4th of July parade!

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