Menu, Week of 8/4


mpm-chalkboardLast week was mostly successful on the menu. I actually made nearly everything on the menu, although not in order. I went out to eat one night and I didn’t get the paella made, but that is pretty good for a week with no kids, I think.

This week I have hungry kids back with me, so I need to feed them here at home–I really miss the days when we could go out and I could buy them cheap kids’ meals. Or sometimes they would eat free! Now it costs a small fortune to take all three of us out.

This is our last full week before school starts next Tuesday. We are already busy with friends and band camp and school prep, though. I am trying to get the house cleaned up (with help from the kids) to help the school year start off on an organized note, but no one wants to give up the last bits of end-of-summer laziness, ;).

The beginning of school is expensive, too–supplies, pictures, yearbook order, renting a flute, and on and on–so the menu is extra important. I need to make sure we are not spending all of our money on eating out, tempting thought that may be. That said, we are eating out tonight for our last night at the Muny!

Sunday: Dinner at a friend’s house

Monday: out

Tuesday: bratwurst, sauteed cabbage and bacon

Wednesday: Burger stroganoff over zucchini pasta

Thursday: Pork with Paprika, Mushrooms and Sour Cream, gnocchi for the kids, broccoli

Friday: shrimp scampi over steak, sauteed mushrooms, green beans

Saturday: Low carb Paella

As always, lots more menu ideas can be found at

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  1. Don’t you just hate eating the same thing everyday? I know I certainly do.
    This is a wonderful time of year when many bloggers are sharing their summer harvest.
    My husband and I will be heading to the farmers market in a couple of weeks. He actually wants to try his hand at making pickles. It should be fun for both of us.
    Have a delicious week.

    • Yes, I need some variety! That’s one of the reasons I menu plan–to keep myself from falling into a rut. I love having a garden, and I love the farmer’s market, too. I find myself hating the winter when foods are either not fresh or shipped from far away…

    • Thanks! I have some frozen salad size shrimp I was trying to decide how to use, and this just sounded so good! Plus, now that I am not eating pasta and rice, I needed something to put shrimp scampi on!

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