Another Work in Progress for Me


I started this project the day of my grandmother’s funeral. After the funeral lunch, many family members convened in my aunt’s condo to spend a bit more time with the out of town visitors and continue to support each other. Of course I had brought a crochet bag with me–the combination of the connection to my grandmother and the fact I knew I would be sitting chatting for quite some time required that I bring some stitching with me.

I bought the yarn at a local yarn shop because it was a combination of my two favorite colors, purple and green. I try not to buy yarn without some project in mind, but I loved this yarn so much, I couldn’t resist.


I sat on my aunt’s couch, a bit numb, looking at the yarn. I wanted to make something beautiful, but I wasn’t sure what to make. I didn’t have a thought in mind beyond some kind of shawl. I started a chain, and I thought about doing a fancy ripple, but I couldn’t remember the pattern. Anyway, there were a lot of people talking, and I couldn’t keep a count in my head. I wanted something relaxing to do. So, I started making half double crochet stitches across.

I thought it would make a nice border for whatever lacy pattern I decided to use for the main part of the wrap, but as I went, I found I liked it a lot as is. The yarn is so pretty, and the color striping added enough interest alone, I thought. Plus, I really like HDCs! That sounds odd to me, but it is my favorite stitch. So I have kept going.


It is a nice pattern to carry around with me, because it doesn’t take a lot of space, and the lightweight yarn is cool to work with, even in the summer heat. Plus, it requires almost no thought, so I can keep my hands busy in all kinds of situations.

It is time-consuming, though! The rows go quickly–about 10 minutes a row–but you need a lot of rows to add length. The picture above is about 88 rows, or 14+ hours of work. I have a long way to go, too–I think this may be only about ⅕ of the way done. I picture a long stole that drapes around my arms and has plenty of length to throw over a shoulder. We’ll see how long it gets–it is very relaxing to make, so I enjoy working on it, but as it gets longer, I am going to be anxious to wear it, I know. It is so pretty already (in my humble opinion…).


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