De-Stashing Update


I feel the need to report my de-stashing progress now, while all the news is good. I am fairly certain that won’t last much longer, because I forgot to consider one thing: my birthday is August 22. How can I not buy myself yarn for my birthday? It is the day after payday, too!

On the plus side, I have done really well on the de-stashing so far. I even went to one of my favorite local yarn shops, Knitorious, last weekend but I held strong and walked out without any yarn. I had to go to the store, you see, because I was spending the afternoon with my closest local crocheting friend, who I haven’t seen since she had surgery on her wrist about 5 weeks ago. We went out to lunch, and the LYS was only half a mile away. I suggested it, and then said no, I am not buying yarn right now. Then it occurred to me–my de-stashing challenge didn’t say anything about BOOKS! (Maybe it should, but that is for another challenge….)

I only got one book, Crochet Noro.

It has several beautiful projects, including one I would like to make my mother for Christmas, so I am happy to have it. I did look at the yarns I would need for some of the projects, but I really think it is better to do some planning before purchasing anyway.

I have also done several rows on my Ribbon blanket. This is one of my long term WIPs–I started it last summer, I think. I am falling in love with it all over again, even though there is a nagging voice in my head talking about all the Christmas projects that need to be started. I don’t have an updated picture, but it is looking good. It is a great way to use up some of those partial skeins, too!

In that spirit, I am planning to start making more granny squares. I want to make a granny blanket with a non-traditional color joining them, like hot pink, or turquoise, or maybe a spring green. Or yellow or purple or orange. Just not black or white–not that I don’t like the black or white grannies. I just want to do something different.

How is everyone else doing on de-stashing?

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    • Hey, not a bad idea! Thanks!

      I have actually used up some yarn–it has been over a month since I bought any! But I am using bits of many colors, so it doesn’t necessarily look like I have much less than before. That’s where I think granny squares might come in handy, or maybe a multi-colored ripple blanket. I need to actually use up some partial skeins! You know, so I can get anxious about how I don’t have enough choices and go buy more yarn, ;).

  1. That’s great! I don’t have a lot of fabric because I just got my first sewing machine recently, and I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it and learn. But I am worried about the state of my house once I get that down…

  2. If you’re going to try to use up stash, you need books/patterns etc. so I think that purchase was completely justified. It looks a lovely book too 🙂

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